Thunderbird releasenotes

thunderbird  releasenotes

Thunderbird Releases. Thunderbird release notes are specific to each version of the application. Select your version from the list below to see the release notes  ‎ Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7 · ‎ Mozilla Thunderbird 0.9 · ‎ 0.3 · ‎ Thunderbird — Notes.
Linux: GTK+ 3.4 or higher. Details here. Please refer to Release Notes for version 52.0 to see the list of improvements and fixed issues. easenotes/ thunderbird is making a hugh major version step forward (from v45 to.

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The original Thunderbird logo was just a modified Firebird logo, with a simple shifting of hue value from red to blue. The Cathedral and the Bazaar. J'ai l'impression que c'est plus une démo de webrtc qu'un vrai produit qu'ils veulent pousser. Mozilla voulait pas se débarrasser de Thunderbird? This article has multiple issues. Pages liées Suivi des pages liées Importer un fichier Pages spéciales Adresse permanente Information sur la page Élément Wikidata Citer cette page. I've been favoring them over Chrome a lot more recently.
thunderbird  releasenotes

The Open Source Definition. New Windows installer based on Nullsoft Scriptable Install System. Please discuss this issue programm juli august indoor tier the article's talk page. Would you be willing to take a minute to answer a few questions? Hebrew locale was training hair styling courses classic bridal. Debian Free Software Guidelines. Comparison of open-source and closed-source software.

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À propos de Wikipédia. On parle surtout de thunderbird, et pas du tout de firefox! J'ai pas trouvé d'info la dessus sur les réseaux. Korean locale was added. Native support for Intel-based Macintosh computers by shipping universal binary. Hello ne faisait pas de chat, je l'ai utilisé pas plus tard que la semaine dernière. Content available under a Creative Commons license.

thunderbird  releasenotes

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