Offbeat geeky wedding ideas

offbeat geeky wedding ideas

Geeky, Themed, and Offbeat Weddings. You want your wedding ceremony to be Dr. Who meets Harry Potter meets Game of Thrones meets Star Wars meets.
One of the wedding themes that doesn't get nearly enough attention is an offbeat wedding. An offbeat wedding is non-traditional and includes.
These are the brides you're looking for: Wedding inspiration for geeks, nerds, and fandom obsessives of all kinds.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Pinterest is using cookies to help give you the best experience we can. Photo Credit: Hollywood Pro Weddings If you find golden bands boring and a tattoo ring too trendy, try hunting around for a ring that has personality. Be sure to write up and post game ideas and rules to inspire and entice guests to play. Gamers , comic book nerds, pop-culture enthusiasts, and geeks of all kinds: Offbeat Bride is the original home of nerdy weddings. Ask both parents to participate in a group dance, or skip the sentimental swaying altogether and have your bridal party join you on the floor to get the party started sooner.

offbeat geeky wedding ideas

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Are you ready to see it? Instead of a DJ or organ player, task a skilled loved one with operating a record player that plays your favorite vinyl tunes. So sweet and intimate!... Mix it up by giving your bridal party lovely lanterns to carry, lighting the way for your arrival down the aisle.

offbeat geeky wedding ideas